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Tree Planting Tips for Healthy Growth

Planting a tree in Missouri adds beauty, provides shade and adds a sense of vitality to the area. A tree’s early years are definitive for its health and growth throughout its lifetime. By having knowledge on the type of soil a tree thrives in, how far a species’ roots spread, and the amount of water…

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Easy Care for Sweet Gum Trees in St Louis

The sweet gum tree (Liquidambar styraciflua) is a tall, straight tree which boasts a wide and rounded canopy when fully mature. These giants can grow to over 75 feet tall when fully established, and color landscapes with their glossy green leaves. The 5 pointed leaves turn bright and fiery red during the autumn months, making…

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Common Tree Pests and Diseases in Missouri

Missouri, with its varying temperatures and hospitable landscape, is home to an endless variety of hearty, strong, and healthy trees. Sadly, there are plenty of diseases and pests which are not native to the state but have found a way to infect Missouri’s trees and vegetation. Here are some invasive pests and diseases commonly found…

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5 Best Shade Trees for St Louis

Planting healthy, luscious shade trees in a yard can enhance the appearance of a home’s landscape while providing properties with shade, privacy, and protection from harsh elements. In Missouri, the climate can vary throughout the year, from below freezing during winter months, to temperatures of 90 degrees during the summertime; meaning vegetation must be hearty…

Split Tree Removal in Creve Coeur

Tree Removal Service

Storms split this tree located in Creve Coeur. If you have a split tree, the crack alone may not be the reason to save or eliminate a tree. It’s the combination of the tree’s size and type, and size of the crack that determines the action to take. Likewise, the location of the crack or damage.

The best option may be removing the entire plant if the damage is severe. If the damage is minor, merely pruning a limb off, may do the job. Final decisions and actions for cracks and splits are a task for a properly trained and experienced tree care professionals like Jackson Tree Service.


Split Tree Removal Creve Coeur

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