Family BusinessJTS UniversityFall Series, Episode 4: A Day in the Life of a St. Louis Tree Trimmer

Our professors at Jackson Tree Service University sit and talk with Scott – one of our Tree Climbers on the team. A Tree Climber has to be ready to take on any height as they get into the bucket to be hoisted to the top of a tree. Or in the case of tight quarters, just harness themselves up and start climbing.

The girls learn how he started in this profession, what trees he loves and most important and what snacks he enjoys on the job. Take a walk in a tree climber’s shoes with Carli and Hattie.



Carli: Hey guys, it’s Carli and Hattie, your professors here at Jackson Tree Service University. And today, we have a special guest in class.

Hattie: Today we have a tree climber, Scott.


Why Did You Become a Tree Climber?


Rachel: What are you gonna ask him?

Hattie: How did you become a tree climber?

Scott: I climbed trees when I was a kid. I thought it was fun so I decided to do it for a living.


What are your Favorite Trees?


Carli: What’s your favorite kind of tree to look at and you favorite kind of tree to climb?

Scott: My favorite kind of tree to climb would be a white oak tree, and my favorite tree to look at in the fall for its color would probably be a hard maple. They’ve got the pretty colors on it.

Hattie: What’s your favorite thing about working for Jackson Tree Service?

Scott: Seeing satisfied customers who appreciate a good job. That satisfaction makes you feel good.


What’s the Most Important Thing People Can Do for Their Trees?


Carli: What’s the most important thing people can do to their trees?

Scott: Probably would be to keep them trimmed and keep the dead wood cleaned out of them. Keep them maintained so they stay healthy.

Carli: What’s your favorite snack to have on the job?

Scott: Favorite snack to have on the job. That would have to be a Cosmic brownie. (laughs) A brownie.

Carli: I don’t like anything in that section of the store.

Scott: Cosmic brownies have the little candies on them.

Carli: That reminds me, what did you bring us today?

Scott: I have you something. It’s a surprise on whether or not you guys do a good job. Think you done a good job?

Carli: Yes.

Scott: Okay.

Carli: We really appreciate Scott taking the time to talk to us today. We hope you guys liked this video. Make sure to smash that subscribe button and give us a big thumbs up. And if you have any other questions to ask the crew members, put them in the comments section below.

Carli: Thanks for watching. Bye!

Hattie: Bye!


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