Tree removalspring storms

If there is one thing we talk about a lot in St. Louis, besides where we went to high school, it’s the weather. Every spring and fall we know that if we don’t like the weather we can just wait a day or two, or, let’s be honest, an hour or two, and it will change. 

Spring in St. Louis brings high winds, hail, torrential rain, and then perfect calm. We hold our collective breath to see if the worst of the spring storms will hit Maryland Heights, Overland, Kirkwood, Chesterfield, Ferguson – whose municipality will it be? We head down to our basements each time the tornado sirens go off or, in many cases, stand out in our yards and on our decks to watch the storms roll in, the trees shudder and sway, wait for the worst of it to pass overhead, and then head outside to inspect the damage.

That’s when the calls usually start for us here at Jackson Tree Service. Broken limbs in driveways, uprooted trees in yards, split trees on roofs…the list goes on and on. Spring can be a stressful time of year. 

It can be hard for us to schedule far in advance because spring storms and tree emergencies wreak havoc on a regular basis. Our focus is always to keep customers happy and that means prioritizing dangerous trees and keeping customers’ property safe and well kept.

Yard after storm in st louisFor a St. Louis-based tree service, it can be hard to plan and complete tree removals and trimming when the ground is saturated without tearing up a customer’s yard – which is something we try to never do. 

While indentations in the yard are a fact of life with all tree work, it’s always our goal to leave dents that will self-correct or “pop out” within a time or two of mowing the grass.

Our equipment and crew have to be able to access the yard and move a lot of heavy tree debris through to our chippers and log trucks in the street. Luckily, we have the equipment to make doing this easier on customers’ yards. 

Each of our bucket trucks has a set up on the back end with ground protection mats that can be dropped to create a “road” for our large trucks and bobcat to roll over a yard. These temporary ground protection mats minimize yard impact. When a tree removal just has to be done with a soaked yard because it is in danger of falling, ground protection mats are our saving grace.

In weather like this, we try to get a lot of our tree trimming projects done. Trim work is good to work on when the ground is wet because we can still use our mats to protect the ground, but the weight on those mats isn’t nearly as great and makes for an easier time for our crews.

Rest assured, sopping wet or bone dry, at Jackson Tree Service it is always one of our top priorities to keep your property safe.

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