Tree careTrees add value to your property

Trees not only are aesthetically pleasing fixtures for your backyard, but they also add substance and aura to a property, making it look comfortable for residents and visitors alike. If you bark up the wrong tree, so to speak, by improperly maintaining your tree, you might not only lose the appeal but also decrease the property value should you wish to sell. There are many benefits of having trees on your residential property in St. Louis. Here are a few.

Improves Property Value

Having a tree on your property can help boost its value by thousands of dollars. If you just moved into a new home, planting a tree would be a wise investment. It could enhance your chances of making more from its sale years later once the tree is fully matured. Coverage provided from those trees also increases one’s desire to stay at that property. Greenery attracts green, so think about getting a new tree or improving the condition of the ones you have so you can make your property more attractive on the open market and make more money on a sale.

Saves Energy

Having ideally-placed trees on your property can save you from having to reach for that fan or air conditioning when the weather heats up. Having such sources of natural wind blockers and shade can prevent you from using too much electricity and make that bill of yours more manageable. The American Power Association and Department of Energy have estimated that successful landscaping can lower cooling energy bills by up to 50%. This means more money in your pocket and more reason to go green and use natural means to keep yourself cool. They also help during wintertime, acting as windbreaks, so you won’t have to use heating as often.

Health Benefits

Having trees around improves short-term air quality as they help filter particles from the air, such pollen, dust, ash, and smoke, so you don’t feel the worst effects. Photosynthesis in trees helps eliminate carbon dioxide in the air to form carbohydrates for their own nutrition while releasing oxygen into the atmosphere.

Additionally, the presence of trees and greenery triggers increased outdoor activity. Playing on the grass with your children, exercising and other means to keep fit are encouraged once surroundings are appealing enough. For those who suffer asthma, trees will help reduce the likelihood of attacks as they filter pollutants and reduce conditions that cause it.

Visual Appeal

Trees and any form of greenery add panache to any property once kept in good shape. Well-planted and maintained trees will last longer and create a sustainable atmosphere that allows you, your family and any visitors to soak in Mother Nature at her finest. They make for a more attractive, calm setting, offering that peace of mind you often strive for in life.

Looking to boost your property value in the St. Louis area or just want to fix the trees you currently have? Contact your good friends at Jackson Tree Service. Don’t lose out on these potential benefits as you could be adding quality of life and subtracting costs at the same time. For more information about tree pruning, tree removal, stump removal, or fertilization, contact Jackson Tree Service today!