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Planting healthy, luscious shade trees in a yard can enhance the appearance of a home’s landscape while providing properties with shade, privacy, and protection from harsh elements. In Missouri, the climate can vary throughout the year, from below freezing during winter months, to temperatures of 90 degrees during the summertime; meaning vegetation must be hearty and resilient in order to grow well. Here are the five best shade tree choices for homeowners to plant in the Missouri area:

1 – River Birch

The River Birch tree is a medium-sized shade tree, which when mature, can reach 30 to 60 feet and spreads itself just as wide. River Birch is ideal for homeowners who are looking to plant multiple trees which offer beauty all year round, as the River Birch has a beautiful peeling white bark in the wintertime. These trees require full sunlight and grow best in soil that drains well.

As for tree pruning, River Birch trees must only be pruned in late summer or in autumn, as a tree can be damaged if pruned too early in the growing season. If you choose to plant a River Birch tree or two in your yard, it is best practice to consult a professional for expert tree care advice. Tree service companies can assist you with vital information, such as where to plant a tree to help reach its full potential, and the best time of year to remove dead branches and prune the tree.

2 – Amur Maple

Amur Maple trees are a small variation of a shade tree, reaching anywhere from 20 to 30 feet when fully mature. Since these trees are on the smaller end of the size spectrum, they can be planted to create a barrier and natural fence around a yard. During the summer months, Amur Maples boast beautiful green foliage that become red in the autumn.

Amur Maples are highly regarded as being easy to maintain but still require regular tree care. When it comes to Amur Maple tree pruning, leveling off the top of the hedge allows sufficient sunlight to reach all parts of the tree, while creating an appealing visual landscape.

3 – Bur Oak

Bur Oak trees are native to North America and will thrive in the Missouri climate when properly planted and cared for. Since Bur Oak trees can soar to over 80 feet when mature, and have a spread that may be just as wide, these shade trees must be planted in open areas which are free from obstacles such as wires, sidewalks, driveways, and building foundations. Bur Oak tree care, such as branch removal and tree pruning, should be contracted out to professionals who have the skills and equipment to work with such large vegetation.

4 – Linden

If you’re looking for the quintessential, mighty shade tree to grow over a number of years, look no further. Linden trees can grow to heights exceeding 80 feet, with their trunks measuring in at around 54 inches. These sturdy trees require plenty of sunlight, but with their height, should have no problem in attaining the right amount. As for water, their size and ability to produce sufficient amounts of shade assist Linden trees in retaining water for long periods of time, as water close to their roots can’t evaporate as easily.

5 – Trident Maple

When mature, Trident Maple trees grow to be about 30 feet, making them a relatively small shade tree, perfect for cozy yards, on patios, or for planting in rows. Oddly enough, these shade trees are often used in bonsai practices due to their beautiful root growth and lobed leaves. For optimal tree care, these dark green-leaved trees should be in direct sunlight for about 6 hours each day.

Choosing the right shade tree for your yard depends on the environment that you can provide. From small hedges to large, steady trees, Jackson Tree Service in St. Louis, MO offers expert tree services such as tree pruning, tree removal, and other tree services with expert knowledge and friendly support.