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Tree removal can be a time-consuming process, and no two situations are alike. There are a number of factors that can change from one removal to the next, and that’s why there’s no flat rate for this particular service. Many of our customers often wonder how we calculate the cost of a tree removal, so we’re going to take this opportunity today to give you some more information about the process, and discuss what factors affect the cost.

The Location of the Job

We’re proud to serve much of the area in and around St. Louis. Like any service that requires workers to visit your home, the distance of a job from our home base in St. Louis County between Overland and Maryland Heights does play into the cost of the project. Not to mention the extra time it can take to get from A to B when we have to travel notoriously busy roads, like Spoede in Olivette, Conway in Ladue, and Laclede Station in Webster Groves.

Some projects need extra safety elements that cause us to block a road. Brentwood and other areas require extra permits for projects like this and that can play into an estimate.

Projects that Post Safety Hazards

Trees are enormous, and they weigh a ton—several, actually! In fact, a mature hardwood tree can grow to more than 50 tons. The point is that trees are heavy, and this makes them dangerous. Some projects are more hazardous than others, especially when a tree is diseased or damaged, or when there are electricity and other major safety issues to address. Performing these jobs safely and properly is painstaking work that takes a great deal of time, and that means it costs more.

Moreover, logging and tree trimming are infamously dangerous lines of work, and this means the insurance cost to run a tree service are astronomical. Not only is there worker’s compensation to worry about, but also business liability insurance. Consequently, the more dangerous a job is, the more we have to charge because of the liability involved: we are responsible for everything that happens at a site as it relates to the tree.

It’s also important to point out here that this is another reason why you need to make sure to use a tree company that is fully insured. If not you are at risk of being held responsible for accidents or injury.

The Type of Job and the Required Crew and Equipment

Jackson Tree Service tree trimWhen you’re standing at your rose bush and pruning off a few branches with gardening shears, it may not be obvious how much machinery is required for larger jobs. But in reality, there’s quite of bit of equipment required for different projects, and the equipment needs for each job will factor into the cost. Depending on whether we’re pruning, removing, or bracing, we may need machines and equipment to:

  • Cut and rig trees that need to be removed
  • Haul away large trunks
  • Level stumps
  • Trim branches and limbs
  • Access high limbs
  • Cable and brace weak or damaged trees

Resources it Takes to Get the Job Done Right

The final factor that plays into the price of a job is the time it takes to complete. While some jobs can be done in a couple of hours with a minimal crew, others demand many hours and help from multiple members. The more people power a project needs, the more it will cost.

For example, while it may seem like tree trimming would be cheaper than removal because you’re not actually taking out the whole tree, it can actually costs more because of how time-consuming the process can be. Under the right conditions, a tree can come down and be hauled away in a short amount of time, but pruning always takes assessments, strategy, and time to get the tree shaped properly.

Jackson Tree Service offers a variety of commercial and residential services, but each job is unique in terms of the location, the dangers involved, the equipment requirements, and the time and crew commitments required. Because of this, each job will have a different cost, and each one of these factors will play into the final price.

In general, the farther, more dangerous, more complex, or more difficult the job, the more expensive it will be. However, no matter what the project, rest assured that we’ll get it done safely, properly, and as quickly as possible.

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