There are some purchases you can make without having to do too much research. Hiring a tree service is, definitively, not one of them. Trees are expensive, value-adding aspects of a property, and caring for them can be a dangerous job. So, there’s a lot that rides on picking a reliable tree service, especially in the St. Louis area, where tree services abound. In the video below, we (Mike and Rachel Ballard – owners and ISA-certified arborists at Jackson Tree Service) will give you an idea of what factors to consider when choosing a St. Louis tree service.

Can’t use audio? We’ve got you covered. Our discussion is fully transcribed below.


Mike: Hey, everybody, Mike and Rachel here with Jackson Tree Service from St. Louis, Missouri. We are here to discuss with you today a few tips on how to select a tree service for your tree care needs.

Rachel: In St. Louis, the first thing we would recommend doing is really doing your research by checking websites and looking at the reviews online. There are a lot of great tree services here in the St. Louis area. Looking at their online reviews is a great way to tell if you’re working with a reliable company or not.

Mike: Another tip would be to ask around, Facebook, and friends and neighbors to see if they know anybody already that’s-

Rachel: Done great work for them?

Mike: … yes.

Rachel: Yeah. Another thing you can look for is the Google verifying stamp that’s up in the top corner of Google when you’re searching tree service in St. Louis. That means that the company has been verified by Google. Google will refund your money if you’re unhappy with that service, so that’s a great way to know that you’re working with a trustworthy company.

Mike: Another would be to search for… make sure they have certified arborists, so when they come out to look at your work, don’t feel ashamed to ask them if they’re an arborist or if they’re certified. If they’re certified, they’ll have some certifications with them.

Rachel: Yeah. Another thing would be not to go with the least expensive company. There’s a reason that they can do work for less money, and that usually means that they don’t have insurance, don’t have the right equipment, aren’t necessarily training their crews in the correct safety practices and trimming practices. You get what you pay for, and when it comes to something as dangerous as tree care, you want to make sure that you’re working with a company that is doing all the right things where safety is concerned and training. The least expensive is not generally the best in that situation.

Mike: Last I’d say, go with your gut. Do your research, check the Better Business Bureau, look at online reviews, and friends, neighbors, and then make a decision.

Rachel: Thanks so much for listening. If you have any other questions for us that you’d like answered in a video, please let us know in the comments. Our family looks forward to serving you. Have a great day.

Mike: Thanks for checking us out.

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