Tree careDr. Robert of Tree Vaccinators

Do you have a case of chlorosis? Are oak galls getting you down? Perhaps the emerald ash borers are invading your trees? Tree Vaccinators by Jackson Tree Service has just what the Dr. ordered!

Introducing our Plant Health Care Specialist – “Dr. Robert“. If you think your tree has the sniffles, this is one Doctor that makes house calls. Contact us today to get an estimate!

Meet Dr. Robert


Robert Wilmes


Tree Vaccinator + Plant Health Care Specialist

Why He Joined Tree Vaccinators:

I was working in an office job and sitting all day in a cubicle behind a computer screen and decided this just isn’t for me. I needed something that was different, challenging, and outdoors preferably – that’s when I was discovered by Rachel and Mike, owners of Jackson Tree Service.

Life Goal:

Taking plant healthcare to the next level! I am here as the first line of defense to help happy and healthy trees stay that way, as well as helping reverse disease or damage when possible.

Favorite Trees:

Redbuds and Dogwoods

Something Fun About Robert:

My wife says I have a never-ending list of historical facts.  All our years together, and somehow I still have new material.