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We often get requests for recommendations for household and lawn care services in the St. Louis area from our happy clients. So we thought it might be helpful to pull together a list of our favorite St Louis area home services recommendations to help you connect with the best.

If you’re in need of any of the services below we feel good about suggesting you give them a try – oh, and tell them the Jackson family sent you.

St. Louis – Best of List

Compost: St. Louis Composting – (Maryland Heights, MO)

This is a great place to get compost, mulch, and soil. Plus they deliver! As any seasoned gardener or landscaper knows, the most important thing you can do to enhance a lawn or garden is to cultivate better soil. And the single best way to do that is to condition your soil with compost, one of the finest organic supplements known to humankind.

For over two decades, St. Louis Composting has been the region’s leading producer of nature’s ultimate renewable resource.

New Trees and Plants: Chesterfield Valley Nursery – (Chesterfield, MO)

They are a great family-owned nursery and do some amazing design-build work.

Selecting the right plant for your project or yard can be a daunting task. Chesterfield Valley Nursery has a Plant Finder that will allow you to simplify your search and find the right fit for your landscape. Or you can trust their over 25 years of experience in full service creating amazing landscape designs in the St. Louis community.

Pest/Rodent/Mosquito Removal: PestShield – (Webster Groves, MO)

Another family-owned business that specializes in Mosquito smogging yards and pest and rodent control in the home.

When you find a pest you want it gone immediately. PestShield promises that customer service with prompt and quality pest control expertise is what sets them apart. They also offer a PestShield tube system for new homes. During construction, they would install a network of tubing inside the walls of the home. This would allow them to treat inside the walls where insects live and breed.

Wildlife Removal: All Out Wildlife Control – (Central St. Louis, MO)

Dave and Laura are both born, raised, schooled, lifelong residents of, and went to college in the St. Louis area, and now call Jefferson County home. They are really good at what they do, which is to get squirrels and raccoons and a variety of other animals out of folks homes and trees. We get asked about this quite a bit and I know several of our customers have used him.

All Out Wildlife Control also comes very highly recommended by others. They have an A+ rating
with the Better Business Bureau and an A rating with Angie’s List. They are also St. Louis area’s only Certified Wildlife Control Professional and Academy Certified Professional which means they know what they are doing and how to remove wildlife safely.

Foundation Repair and Concrete Work: Dannegger Brothers Contracting, Inc – (Maryland Heights, MO)

We get asked this often because sometimes tree root systems can tear up the foundation of a home, sidewalk, or driveway.

What really causes foundation or sidewalk damage is changes to the soil. A drought would cause the soil to shrink as well as the tree roots to push through areas to look for more water. A lot of rain would do the opposite and cause some soil to swell and maybe even tree roots as well. These changes are what causes concrete to shift and crack. These shifts can cause problems in your foundation that you’d want the knowledge and experience in waterproofing and foundation repair that Dannegger Brothers Contracting can perform for commercial and residential projects.

Leaf Removal: Horstmann Brothers – (St. Louis, MO)

These guys are very helpful also family and locally owned like us.

Today the needs for lawn care continues to grow. Horstmann Brothers employs a staff of horticultural experts to aid clients with the creation of unique projects and complete full-service landscape maintenance services. They have expanded their services to include irrigation, landscape lighting, drainage, snow removal, hardscape installation and annual flower planting programs.

Gutter Cleaning: Scott-Lee Guttering –

They have been owned by the same folks for 35 years and are local to St. Louis and St. Charles.

Those beautiful large oak and maple trees, just to name a few, that are all over the St. Louis area tree-lined streets do shed those leaves every fall. A lot of debris and can make it’s way into your gutter causing overflow or blockages. Overflows can harm the roof, foundation, lawn or landscaping. A regular clean out is highly recommended. Scott-Lee Guttering can do small clean out jobs, full replacement jobs or things like adding gutter shields.

Snow Removal, Leaves & Gutters: Quite Village – (Overland, MO)

The owner of this business started mowing lawns as a teenager. Today, they cut grass, clean gutters, do power washing, snow removal, and leaf clean up.

Seasonal lawn care is sometimes just what folks are looking for. The team at Quite Village has a list of services that includes holiday lighting, holiday decorations, holiday light displays, leaf cleanup and removal, snow plowing and removal, ice control and salting, and spring and fall cleanups.

Let us know if there is another recommendation you’d like to see from us that we can add to the list.