Tree pruningTree removalThe Steps in Hiring a Tree Service

People often turn to tree services once a tree looks like it needs to be removed, trimmed properly, or sick due to a disease.

When you realize how rigorous a job tree removal or pruning is, in addition to the heavy machinery and heights involved, hiring a tree service becomes essential. When engaging Jackson Tree Service or any other tree service company, consider these tips to make sure your money doesn’t go down the drain.

1) Ask Questions, Lots of Them

Any time you’re hiring a tree service, make sure it’s a professional one, with a demonstrated possession of insurance. Ask to see any a business license, certificates of liability and workman’s compensation insurance. Should work be done on your property by a tree service without insurance, then any resulting property damage cannot be covered.

When inquiring about a service, find out how long they have been in operation. One that has been in existence for a long time with a solid reputation would obviously be preferable. Be wary of any tree services asking for money in advance or asking to begin work without estimating costs. An estimate must be made before any work can be done and a written contract to detail the level of work being done.

2) Look for References and Happy Reviews

This is a continuation of sorts from the first point, but feel free to ask around your neighborhood for recommendations on who to hire if you’re not too sure. Plus, if a neighbor had a bad experience with a tree service, dealing with damage caused by hasty tree removal or another issue, then you will know which tree services to avoid.

Make sure to Google a company you are considering to see their online reviews. On a reputable tree service’s Google My Business page you will be able to see what clients have said about working with the company.

3) Verify a Track Record of Doing What They Promise

We are so thrilled that many of our customers turn to Google and rate us 5 stars. Many of our clients tell us that they appreciate several key things – we show up when we say we will, we clean up the job site thoroughly, and they like that we are a family owned, local business growing right here in St. Louis.

4) Check Equipment/Safety Gear

Seasoned tree companies will have practically every tool or machinery available to them to do the job at hand. Ground personnel should be using helmets. Climbers should have up-to-date safety and climbing gear, including a saddle, helmet, steel toe boots and arborist climbing ropes. Anything less should raise a red flag, especially if they simply bring a ladder along. That will not cut it. Specific gear is needed, so personnel are safe, and your home is safe from damage.

Bigger trees call for serious equipment. Jackson Tree is one of the few services in the St. Louis area equipped to remove very large trees safely and effectively.

Finally, don’t be afraid to verify that the company you hire has the appropriate insurance to cover accidents to your property and their people.

5) Make Sure Work Equals Value

Prices vary depending on the type of work involved. Regardless of who you hire, make sure the work they do and price of doing it match up. If a company charges a certain amount for trimming, yet only clip off dead branches instead of shaping up the entire tree, then you’ll feel shortchanged. You need to make sure the tree service you hire is doing the amount of work that matches the price they charge and accomplishes the promises made when trying to sell you their service. This is another reason it helps to have everything in writing in the form of a contract.

Don’t forget that the job isn’t done when the tree is trimmed or removed. There is more cleanup than some may expect because trimming and removing trees cause plenty of debris. Cleaning up your yard or lot around the work site should be included when working with a professional tree service.

With Jackson Tree Service, you will be assured that all boxes are ticked off, so you get good value for professional work to clear and clean trees as needed. Contact us and learn more about what we offer!

For more information about tree trimming and tree removal in St Louis, explore our website or give us a call at (314) 423-9295.