Tree carest louis tree summer checklist

As most people know, trees are vital to our survival. They provide oxygen by taking in harmful gases and releasing them as oxygen. Trees create a wonderful environment, but let us not forget that they are also beautifully scenic and provide shade on the warmest days of the year. Because trees do so much for us, we here at Jackson Tree Service like to keep them healthy so they can live for a very long time. Here are a few steps to ensure that you can keep your trees healthy this summer.

Check for Insects

If your tree has insects it may have been overrun and on the verge of becoming diseased or dying.

Check for Disease

Some tree diseases to be concerned about are sunscald, a disease in which a weak part of the tree is burned permanently by the sun, fire blight, a bacterial disease that causes twigs to die back, and oak wilt, a disease that causes oak trees to die slowly over months or even years and presents itself with browning leaves and branches. Unfortunately, most of these can’t be treated so the most important thing to do is prevent them.

Pick Up Fallen Leaves and Branches

This step also helps prevent the diseasing of trees. If the branches and leaves are diseased you should put them into the garbage and not the compost. Picking up branches and leaves lessens the chance that a tree disease will spread to more of your trees or your neighbor’s.

Trim or Prune

Removing unhealthy branches, or pruning, promotes regrowth in a dead area. When a part of a tree dies, the tree will stop sending its nutrients to that area of the tree. In order for that portion to regrow, it must be cut off. Doing this will also make your tree look and feel much healthier. Younger trees should be pruned every year whereas large or full-grown trees need pruning every three to five years. However, pruning large trees is more complicated and dangerous and should be done by professionals.

Apply Mulch

Mulch has so many purposes that promote tree health. For one, it helps to keep out extreme heat and extreme cold. Mulch also retains water to keep the roots wet. Re-mulching your tree each year will certainly be a vital step in keeping your tree healthy and alive.

Water Your Trees

The most important step is to water your trees. Rain is irregular and in some areas, it doesn’t provide enough water to keep trees healthy. It is best to water your trees with a deep soak as if your hose were a rainfall. You can do this by watering at the base of the tree for 10 to 15 minutes per tree, depending on its size. If you see that water is pooling then stop because you may be in danger of overwatering. For small trees, it is important to water less because they are more fragile and in danger of dying if they are overwatered.

Completing this list is a sure way to have a healthy tree that lives for a long time and should be completed each year for best results.

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