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Our family loves to spend time outdoors. No matter the season you will find us hiking and playing in the woods somewhere in St. Louis.  We are tree people so, it is safe to assume that Fall is our FAVORITE time of year. Watching animals kick their work efforts into high gear just as we also enter our busiest season seems fitting. But the color and beauty of Fall in St. Louis – that’s what really captures our hearts.

This year reports are showing the autumn color will start later and last longer – a real plus in our books.  Mid-to-late October is going to be prime time here in St. Louis to be out on a trail, parked at an overlook, or just out for a drive. The Missouri Department of Conservation (link:  says to look out for the vivid colors of the maple, ash, oak, and hickory trees, but we don’t get too picky around here. Beautiful color can be found in every tree species. We thought we would share where our family will be viewing the autumn beauty this year.


Creve Coeur Memorial Lake Park

Does it get any better than having this amazing park with a variety of tree species right in our backyard? Majestic oaks, hickories, basswood, sassafras and black cherry trees – just to name a few – line the trails throughout this St. Louis County Park. You can even park at the Creve Coeur Park Soccer Complex and take an easy walk to the Overlook to see the fall tree color surrounding the lake.


Katy Trail or Main Street in Historic St. Charles

Bike riding along the banks of the Missouri river in St. Charles is one of our favorite spots to enjoy the crisp fall air. This up close view of the trees that border one of our rivers cannot be matched anywhere else. But, even a simple walk down Main Street in St. Charles can bring you face to face with some gloriously beautiful trees this time of year.


Babler Memorial State Park

I don’t know that you can get any more scenic in St. Louis County than Highway 109 from Chesterfield to Eureka.  And I’m confident that the best stop off to take a breath and do a little hiking during your drive is Babler Memorial State Park in Wildwood.


Forest Park St. Louis

We would be remiss to not mention Forest Park. I mean how can you not include a place that has 45,000 trees just within the park itself. The peak day to view the fall foliage at this St. Louis treasure is November 5 and you better believe we will be there.

Take a minute to check out the Missouri Department of Conservations site for the latest report in fall tree color.  Be sure to let us know if you try out one of our suggestions. You may even just see us there. Oh if you’d like to know WHY they change colors we can help there too.

And don’t forget Jackson Tree Service in St. Louis is here to take care of all your tree trimming needs. Fall is a great time to schedule so don’t hesitate to contact us.