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To make sure that your trees are in tip-top shape, you should be in the habit of trimming them year-round on a maintenance basis. When trees will need the most attention and get the best results depends on the climate and the type and size of the tree.

Here is an outline of what is the best time of year to call for tree trimming in St. Louis, MO.

Why Do You Need to Trim Your Trees?

To start, it is a good idea to understand the many benefits of trimming your trees. Regular pruning not only helps your trees look manicured and give your home curb appeal, it actually helps to maintain the tree’s health as well. Taking out dead branches reduces the likelihood of disease and associated damage. Regular trimming will also help to limit tree growth, which can be important from a safety point of view.

Year-Round Trimming

There are circumstances in which it is important to trim your tree, no matter what time of year it is. If tree branches are dead or if the tree is diseased, it is essential that you attend to this swiftly, because the rest of the tree could be in danger. If you detect disease, call for professional tree trimming ASAP.

You can also cut small branches to tidy up a tree (no bigger than branches that you can use handheld shears for cutting) and shape a tree or a hedge at any time of year.

Trim Trees When They are Dormant

The winter is always a popular time to prune back trees because they are typically without their leaves during the season. It’s easiest to get to trees when they are dormant. Trimming trees while they are dormant is most effective because there is less disease and infestation, you can better see what you are doing when the tree has no leaves and wounds will heal faster. Dormant tree trimming also assists with bud growth and making the tree more lush come spring time. Tree sap also won’t cause you as much mess in the winter time.

Ideally, you should wait until the coldest part of the winter is over with. Conifers, non-blooming trees and shrubs, summer blooming trees, and shrubs should all be trimmed in late winter.

Trying to Dwarf a Tree? Do it in the Summer

If the purpose of your tree trimming is to keep it small, this works best if you do it in the summer after the tree has fully bloomed. The reason that this is most effective when you trim in the summer is that you reduce the surface of leaves on your tree, which causes the tree to manufacture less food, stunting its growth.

When Not to Trim a Tree? The Fall

It can be tempting to trim your trees when you are out in your yard doing fall clean up but don’t do it. The reason is that trimming a tree stimulates growth. If you trim your tree in the fall, right when it is preparing to become dormant for the winter, it can weaken the tree. Stick to the other seasons for better results.

For best results when trimming your trees, contact your local tree experts. Jackson Tree Service LLC is available for all your tree trimming and pruning services. Call us at 314-423-9295 for more information today.

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