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There is nothing as serene as a tree-lined yard, which will provide you with shade and beauty for years to come. However, given that trees will be present on your property for many years, you really need to think ahead when you are planting them.

Not only do you need to consider where to plant them to suit you today, but you also need to think ahead about how their placement will be impacted as they grow, keeping in mind tree pruning and maintenance in the future.

Put the Right Tree in the Right Place

Before you plant, ask yourself a few questions about your trees. How big will the canopy be? How tall will it get? Will it have fruit? What are some soil and moisture requirements? Is it deciduous or evergreen? How much maintenance is the tree likely to require? How easy will it be to get at for pruning?

Nailing down these criteria will help you decide where to put your trees initially. You also need to consider some other elements in the geography of your yard.

Property Lines

It’s a smart move to plant your trees far back from the property lines. The inclination may be to plant trees very close to the property lines for extra privacy but don’t forget that trees will grow substantially over the years, and you could create problems down the road. Tree branches could grow over your neighbor’s yard and block the sun; the tree roots could extend to their property, drawing moisture from their own trees and gardens.

Trees too close to the property line could even cause damage to your neighbor’s home and property, in the event of a storm or other event. It’s a good idea to leave a fair bit of clearance between your tree planting site and the property lines.

Power Lines

In regards to power lines, you need to worry about two things: will the tree grow into the power lines and is there a possibility of the tree falling onto the power lines? A tree that is too close or poses a danger of falling can cause power outages or worse. If you’ve got power lines around your property, consult your St. Louis, MO tree specialist about what types of trees can grow safely near power lines, leaving enough clearance.

As a side note, if your tree branches ever do extend near power lines, never try to prune them yourself. It’s a dangerous job which requires the support of the professionals.

Proximity to the House

Having a beautiful canopy of trees can provide you with peace and quiet, and even assist with keeping your home cool during the summer months, lowering your A/C bills. However, if you underestimate the projected growth of a tree, your home could also be at risk.

As the tree canopy grows, branches may be too close to your home, potentially causing damage. It can also be more difficult to access trees that are too close to a home for maintenance. If a tree becomes sick and dies, there is the danger of it falling on your home. One of the most common causes of plumbing leaks is tree root intrusion, so that is something to keep in mind as well as your tree will continue to grow beneath the ground as well.

When planting, leave a good distance between your tree and home and take the advice of professionals like Jackson Tree Service LLC. Call (314) 626-8338 for tree planting tips today.

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