St. Louis Chlorosis Treatment


Chlorosis is a very common tree ailment. It’s also one of the greatest causes of tree decline in the St. Louis area. To combat this, Jackson Tree Service offers recurring St. Louis chlorosis treatment to restore your tree’s vitality and natural green color.

Understanding Chlorosis

As you admire your tree’s leaves this spring and summer, make it a habit to look for signs of chlorosis. The condition can appear as leaves that begin to yellow or simply fade to a pale green.

However, chlorosis looks noticeably different than a leaf yellowing in the fall or a young, pale green leaf. That’s because the change in color occurs interveinally. In other words, discoloration due to chlorosis occurs between the veins while the vibrant green hue will remain near the veins. Typically, other kinds of leaf discolorations happen uniformly throughout the leaf. This particular pattern of discoloration serves as the biggest hint that your tree has chlorosis.

If you notice signs of chlorosis, soil conditions will need to change in order to restore your tree to good health. Luckily, many certified arborists offer a solution. Mineral trunk injections are what they sound like – a penetrative method to get a mineral-rich solution into the uptake-systems of the plant.

Chlorosis Treatment in St Louis

Our chlorosis treatment involves injection of nutrient-rich solution into the trunk of your tree. Typically, only one JTS arborist is necessary for the procedure.

Trunk injections like ours are very effective. You can expect to see the color in your tree’s leaves restored within 2 to 4 weeks. This timeline can change depending on the type of tree, however, treatment is proven effective in all types of trees.

In cases where the tree has been dramatically weakened by chlorosis, our certified arborists may recommend removal. However, as long as the tree is viable, we will treat it via injection.

chlorosis treatmentPlease note that chlorosis treatment will not prevent the condition in the future, only restore foliage already affected by chlorosis. So, future applications may need to occur (we recommend treatment every two years). Our ISA certified arborists put together a guide for the best prevention and treatment of Chlorosis.

If you suspect that your tree has chlorosis, give us a call and we’ll make a diagnosis. From there, we can also treat your tree.