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Looking for the best tree service in Creve Coeur, MO? Jackson Tree Service has you covered. We’ve been serving the St. Louis area since 1960. Request a quote or give us a call.

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Originally a farming community, Creve Coeur has developed into a beautiful city located in mid-St. Louis county, boasting acres of parkland, a thriving business community, and gorgeous homes. Despite its rapid development and change, Creve Coeur’s rich history is honored and preserved. Legend has it that the name, meaning “broken heart” in French, comes from a Native American princess whose love for a French fur trapper was unrequited. Just as its historic cabins and schoolhouses require careful maintenance, so do the beautiful, old trees. Jackson Tree Service’s team of tree professionals are well-qualified for the job.

Unfortunately, many Creve Coeur trees have been battling tree pests, such as Emerald Ash Borers and Oak Galls. Emerald Ash Borers attack Ash trees, causing numerous health issues which can sometimes result in death. Oak Galls are another common pest invading trees in Creve Couer. Oak Galls are female wasps that lay eggs on Oak leaves. Jackson Tree Service offers expert tree health care that can help prevent and combat these infections. Our Tree Vaccinators are highly specialized in treating these specific issues, since they are prevalent in the St. Louis area.

If you need a tree service near Creve Coeur, consider Jackson Tree Service for the following services:

  • Deadwood – This service entails the removal of dead branches for the promotion of tree health and aesthetic beauty.
  • Fertilization – Regular fertilization is necessary for most trees. We use various microinjections to apply macronutrients, micronutrients, antibiotics, insecticides, and fungicides. An arborist on our staff can recommend the best fertilization solution for your needs.
  • Yard Cleaning & Lot Clearing – This can entail raking leaves, shrub trimming or removal, or the removal of a dead or fallen tree. Plus, we recycle all organic materials by turning them into mulch.
  • Pruning / Tree Trimming – The benefit of this service is that it can extend the life of a tree, improve its appearance, and minimize the risk of damage to nearby structures caused by falling limbs. Our tree trimming services can be categorized as follows:
      • Cleaning – The goal of this technique is to improve the overall health, structure, and appearance of a tree. All weak and diseased limbs are removed, as well as any limbs that are dead or broken.
      • Thinning – This tree pruning procedure is utilized to stimulate the growth of interior foliage. It involves the selective removal of branches to increase sunlight penetration and airflow.
      • Reducing – Our team can reduce the height and/or spread of a soft-wooded tree on your property to make it less likely that it will break during a storm.
      • Raising – If necessary, we can remove a tree’s lower branches to provide space for parking, yard activities, etc.
  • Stump Grinding & RemovalAfter removing a tree stump, we level out the area and ready it for planting.
  • Tree Removal Sometimes, a tree simply cannot be salvaged. We can remove a dead or dying tree on your land that is in danger of falling over. Our tree company can also remove a tree that is threatening to obstruct nearby objects such as your house, power lines, or the sidewalk.
  • Plant Health Care – We have two certified arborists, Mike and Rachel, who are ready to diagnose and resolve issues with the plants in your space.
  • Risk Assessment
  • Pest Control 

When your trees are sick or dead, you need a professional and experienced team to safely remove your trees. Jackson Tree Service is all of those things and more. We perform tree removal, stump grinding, tree trimming, and pest and disease control for residential and commercial areas. More than that, we provide 24/7 emergency services to better serve you.


Why Choose Us for Creve Coeur Tree Services

Tree removal can be scary–it has the potential to damage your home, garden, and injure an amateur work crew. That’s why it’s imperative to hire an experienced team that you can trust. Jackson Tree Service has a well-earned reputation among homeowners in Creve Coeur, Missouri, as a company that always does things right; we know that trust means everything, and that is why we are still in business today.

Founded in 1960 and led by three consecutive generations of the Jackson family, Jackson Tree Service is staffed by personable, well-trained tree care professionals and certified arborists who take pride in putting in an honest day’s work. We happily take on jobs of any size, including large-scale trimmings and removals that necessitate the use of heavy machinery like cranes, stump grinders, and waste trailers. Though the bulk of our client base is residential, we also gladly provide our professional tree care services to commercial customers. 

Having certified arborists on our team has many advantages in the tree service business – like being qualified through the Missouri Department of Agriculture to diagnose and help. Just a short distance away from our headquarters in Maryland Heights, If you need tree care or removal in Creve Coeur make the right choice and call Jackson Tree Service today!

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