St. Louis Emerald Ash Borer Treatment


Emerald Ash Borers are a major threat to ash trees in the St. Louis area. As their name suggests, these beetles make their home in ash trees, which disrupts the tree’s ability to transport water and nutrients. As a result, ash borer infestations cause decline in tree health and, in some cases, tree death.

To fight the spread of this invasive species, Jackson Tree Service offers emerald ash borer treatment. Our treatment involves application of a borer-specific insecticide by a licensed applicator, and can be used both as preventative treatment and for trees with an active infestation.

Our treatment process is highly effective at both preventing and treating emerald ash borer infestations. It will not only kill the adult beetles that feed on the outer ash bark, but it will also exterminate the larvae that feed on the inner bark of your tree.

The prognosis for trees with an established infestation is relative to the severity of their infestation. But for trees that are treated early (i.e., before vascular damage has occurred), the prognosis is very good to excellent. As with any ailment, it’s best to seek treatment early. Click to read more on signs of emerald ash borer infestations.

EAB Treatment

Our insecticide injection provides trees with protection from emerald ash borers for two years. The best time for application is March through November.

Appointments for ash borer treatment may take anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes per tree. This timing depends on the size of the tree and the severity of its infestation. However, homeowners do not need to be present for the application process.

If you’re ready to defend your ash trees against the emerald ash borer, give us a call at 314-582-3857 or fill out the form at right for a quote.