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Nestled in St. Louis County, Olivette, Missouri, is a peaceful suburban destination with a warm community, lush green spaces, and a rich history. Serene parks like Stacy Park and Irv Zeid Citizen Park provide outdoor recreation opportunities, while historic buildings like Olivette Station and the Olivette Log House showcase the city’s heritage. Community events such as “Party in the Park” and the Olivette Farmers Market foster a sense of togetherness. Olivette’s convenient location offers easy access to downtown St. Louis and its attractions. The city’s diverse culinary scene caters to various tastes, ranging from cozy cafes to upscale restaurants.

While Olivette enjoys a healthy tree population, it is worth noting that surrounding areas have experienced the emergence of Emerald Ash Borers (EAB), which pose a threat to Ash Trees, leading to various health issues and, in some cases, tree death. To address such concerns, it is recommended to consult local tree care professionals or arborists who are familiar with the region. Jackson Tree Service specializes in expert tree health care, offering tree assessments, diagnoses, and treatments to combat infections or diseases, including specialized treatment for Emerald Ash Borers.

By proactively engaging with tree care experts, Olivette residents can ensure the continued health and preservation of their beloved trees.

Why Jackson Tree Service?

Jackson Tree Service is a professional plant health care company that specializes in maintaining the health and beauty of trees, shrubs, and other vegetation in the Olivette area. With years of experience and a team of knowledgeable and skilled arborists, Jackson tree service is dedicated to providing high-quality, effective, and sustainable plant health care solutions to homeowners, businesses, and municipal entities in the Olivette area.

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