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O’Fallon is a newer suburban area filled with lots of young trees; Tree Vaccinators, a Jackson Tree Service company, can provide services that will help keep these trees healthy and on track for success with our treatments. These include fertilizer, growth regulators, and inspecting for signs of pest and disease damage. Our certified arborist can come to inspect your landscape for any problems with your trees and we can keep an eye on them as they grow. 

As our landscapes become ever more populated, plant health care becomes increasingly pertinent to the conscientious tree owner. That’s because there are increasing risks to the well being of your trees. Some factors include:

  • Insects. There are various insect pests that threaten tree health. The risk becomes even greater in areas where climate change favors pests, or where invasive species have been introduced.
  • Mulch. Though mulching is generally beneficial for your soil, improper mulching for your tree can have negative consequences.
  • Plant incompatibilites. When you have plants in close proximity that aren’t native to the same area, or have conflicting growth patterns, one or both may fail to thrive.
  • Human Impact on Environment. Proximity to construction can put undue stress on your plants, as can air pollution, soil compaction, and road salt.

As with any type of health care, prevention is the best cure. That’s why we emphasize careful monitoring and a proactive approach to caring for your trees. At the end of the day, your plants are an investment in the beauty and the value of your property. Plant health care is one way to ensure you protect that investment.

Feel free to browse our list of specific plant health services. If you’re concerned about your tree but not sure which service it requires, we encourage you to reach out and consult with one of our certified arborists.

Types of Plant Health Care Services

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st. louis fungicide for plants
st louis deep root fertilizer
st. louis pest and disease control

Growth regulators: This service can save you a lot of time and money because you would not have to trim as frequently. Growth regulators also allow the plant to allocate energy that would be used for vegetative growth to be directed to other functions. This energy is utilized in other areas such as defense compounds and fine root development, resulting in a number of plant benefits. You might notice a more compact look, and enhanced plant appearance & quality.

Fungicide: Fungicide for trees prevents the spread of disease amongst other trees in O’Fallon. For example, one of our JTS salesmen comes over to give you a free estimate and notices that a Pin Oaks tree on your property has Oak Wilt. Although Oak Wilt is a non-curable disease, a fungicide injection in the diseased tree can reduce the spread of the disease. In a best-case scenario, the injection will contain the disease within the infected tree, completely preventing it from spreading.

Deep root fertilizer: Deep root fertilization is one form of tree care and is used when trees are beginning to struggle. We use specialized application methods to boost trees with the proper nutrients going into the growing season. 

Pest and disease control: Tree pest and disease control involve observing a landscape, diagnosing specific problems, and providing the appropriate treatments needed. A plant health care specialist and certified arborist can be useful when determining whether a tree needs to be cut down (removed) or treated for diseases or pests, which will save you money in the long run.

Our Connection to O’Fallon

O’Fallon is an amazing town; our youngest son, George, calls O’Fallon home. Our family visits O’Fallon often to stop by the Bank of Franklin Country, dinner at A’mis Restaurant & Pizzeria, and a round of night golf.

We have been doing plant health care out here for a while now and we have had some amazing customers with a lot of different problems. We realized through helping these customers that there are probably a lot of people in O’Fallon that could use our expertise. Working here is a bit different from working in our hometown because O’Fallon is a newer suburban area with a lot of smaller trees and shrubs. We at Jackson Tree Service have the solutions to all your tree problems!

Why Choose Us for O’Fallon Plant Health Care Services

Jackson Tree Service is a family-owned company that provides a range of both residential and commercial tree care services. Hiring professionals like Jackson Tree Service to come and treat your trees and shrubs is recommended to ensure that all measures are taken carefully and properly to improve landscape vitality while also keeping our customers happy.

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