St. Louis Deep Root Fertilizer

st louis deep root fertilizer

What Are Deep Root Fertilizers?

Deep root fertilization is one form of tree care and is used when trees are beginning to struggle. We use specialized application methods to boost trees with the proper nutrients going into the growing season. What does this look like? Our professionals inject fertilizers into the soil surrounding the tree canopy so the tree roots can absorb the nutrients along with water and spread through the tree. While this may seem like an easy task to do at home, make sure to call a professional like Tree Vaccinators by Jackson Tree Service. St. Louis deep root fertilizer experts understand the needs of trees in St. Louis along with the safest and most beneficial application practices. Also, the specialty products we use can only be purchased when licensed through the MO Department of Agriculture.

The Benefits Of Deep Root Fertilizer

Deep tree root fertilization is often overlooked by the everyday family, but it is so important for your trees. We have become used to keeping up with the Joneses and keeping our yards mowed and raked. As good as it looks, it actually removes potential nutrients for trees. So, deep root fertilizers can be a great solution to this nutrition issue. Those who live in urban areas are especially at risk for weak trees because the upkeep of yards is even more prevalent. Make sure to put your tree in good shape as it enters the growing season and hot St. Louis summers.

Why Tree Vaccinators By Jackson Tree Service For St. Louis Deep Root Fertilization?

Instead of taking on deep root fertilization yourself in St. Louis, call Tree Vaccinators by Jackson Tree Service, the premier tree care expert in the area. We follow ANSI A300 standards which are regularly audited by the MO Department of Agriculture and we keep our crews trained properly on all things plant health care. 

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