St. Louis Plant Growth Regulators

st. louis plant growth regulators

What Are Plant Growth Regulators?

Plant growth regulators are the newest ugly duckling story to hit the plant health care scene. Twenty-five years ago, plant growth regulators were a niche within a niche. They were utilized by large utility companies to keep trees out of power lines, but largely ignored by tree health professionals. Today, tree growth regulators are better understood, widely used, and benefits trees in ways beyond growth regulation alone. Our professionals use Arborjet’s Shortstop® 2SC and it is a trusted product by the industry. 

The Benefits Of Growth Regulators In St. Louis

Why should you use plant growth regulators? The service can save you a lot of time and money because you would not have to trim as frequently. You’re already going to be busy mowing the lawn, pulling out weeds, and bedding flowers so make your life easier by hiring a professional to control the growth of your trees.

Growth regulators also allow the plant to allocate energy that would be used for vegetative growth to be directed to other functions. This energy is utilized in other areas such as defense compounds and fine root development, resulting in a number of plant benefits. You might notice a more compact look, and enhanced plant appearance & quality.

While not specifically created for disease maintenance, plant growth regulators can occasionally reduce the severity of certain diseases.

Last but not least, safety might be the biggest benefit of all. Growth regulators can significantly make your home and work area safer. You might not need to use dangerous heavy-duty equipment and climb as high on your ladder.

Why Tree Vaccinators By Jackson Tree Service For St. Louis Plant Growth Regulators?

Jackson Tree Service has been serving St. Louis residents and companies since 1960. We have vast experience in the tree care industry and growth regulators are something we can help with!

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