Tree Removal Chesterfield MOJackson Tree Service proudly provides tree removal services to residents of Chesterfield, Missouri, and other communities immediately west of St. Louis. We have been providing expert tree care services in the region for more than 50 years and have a well-earned reputation for always performing fast and safe removals. Our tree removal service entail careful planning, precise cutting, and specialized rigging to safely lower large pieces of wood. Also, thanks to our experience and equipment, we are able to complete large-scale removals faster and more cost-effectively than many of our competitors.

Tree removal can be warranted in a variety of situations. For example, if a tree on your land in Chesterfield, MO, is dead or dying, it poses a risk of falling over and causing damage. Removal in that circumstance is recommended. A perfectly healthy tree can also pose a serious nuisance and be a candidate for removal such as if it is obstructing:

  • Your house
  • The sidewalk
  • The driveway
  • Underground pipes
  • Power lines

A related service that we offer is stump grinding, a process in which a stump is completely eliminated using specialized machinery. When performing this service, we remove the stump 6-18” below grade and, if requested, ready the area for planting. Out team can also grind out honeysuckle plants to keep them from spreading.

To request a quote for tree removal, contact Jackson Tree Service. Other services that we provide in Chesterfield, MO, include tree trimming, bush and brush removal, and tree fertilization.