Tree Removal Service Bridgeton MO Jackson Tree Service offers tree removal in Bridgeton, Missouri, and many other communities immediately west of St. Louis. Because of its complexity and risk of danger, the removal of a tree should only be undertaken by experienced professionals such as those that are on our team. Jackson Tree Service, which was founded in 1960 and is currently run by the third consecutive generation of the Jackson family, has a reputation for always performing fast and safe removals. Our tree removal service always entails careful planning, the use of sophisticated machinery, and expert rigging for the purpose of safely lowering large branches and heavy pieces of wood.

Tree removal can be necessary in many different types of situations. For example, if there is a dead or dying tree on your property in Bridgeton, MO, having it removed will ensure that it does not fall over and hurt anyone or damage property. Even a perfectly healthy tree can be a candidate for removal, such as if it is an undesirable species or it is threating to obstruct nearby objects such as:

  • Your house
  • Pipes
  • Power lines
  • Driveway
  • Sidewalk
  • A fence

You deserve a tree removal service that is guaranteed to provide you quality work for a great price. So, contact Jackson Tree Service. A member of our team will gladly provide you a complimentary estimate for the removal of one or more trees on your property in Bridgeton, MO. We are fully insured and will be please to provide you proof of insurance upon request. Our other services include stump removal, tree trimming, tree fertilization, and land and lot clearing.