St. Louis Tree Removal

St. Louis tree removal by Jackson Tree Service

Sometimes, a tree’s problems become so widespread that it can no longer be salvaged but removing a tree is a serious undertaking. With over 50 years of experience in the St. Louis region, the Jackson family knows the local environment and local trees, and can safely and quickly assess a tree’s state, deciding if tree removal is the best mode of attack. We can also remove trees that are causing an obstruction to homes, foundations, sidewalks, driveways, underground pipes, or power lines.

Tree removal requires careful planning, precise cutting, and expert rigging to manage large pieces of falling wood. We have a proven reputation of quick and safe tree removal, while protecting the rest of your landscape and property. Tree removal services also include stump grinding, removing shrubs down to the roots and ensuring that they do not grow back.

Why You Shouldn’t Do Tree Removal Yourself

Tree removal can be dangerous for the common homeowner in St. Louis for many reasons. One of the biggest threats is power lines. Not only can falling branches, limbs, or trees come down on the power line and take out power to the neighborhood, but there’s also the risk of accidentally touching the power lines when you’re taking out the tree.

There is also the danger of falling when cutting down your tree. Even if the tree is perfectly healthy, removal still means having to climb the tree, and there’s also the risk that you’re going to fall out, either because you lose your balance because a branch breaks, because the ladder falls, or because the tools are too heavy and unwieldy.

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