Tree Service Hazelwood MOTurn to Jackson Tree Service if you live in Hazelwood, Missouri, and require the assistance of a team of highly experienced tree care professionals. Our company, which was founded in 1960 and has been led by three generations of the Jackson family, is highly experienced in all aspects of tree care. We are staffed by veteran tree service professionals and have the equipment necessary to perform large-scale projects in an efficient and cost-effective manner. For decades, we have been a company that can be relied on to provide a wide range of tree care services and to always do what is best for our customers’ trees.

Jackson Tree Service is available to perform the following for you in Hazelwood, MO:

  • Tree trimming – Periodic trimming can extend the life of your trees, as well as help prevent a tree from causing damage to your home.
  • Tree removal – We can remove dead or dying trees, as well as perfectly healthy trees that pose a nuisance to nearby objects such a home, sidewalk, driveway, underground pipes, and power lines.
  • Stump removal – When performing this tree service, our team will remove the stump 6-18” below grade and (at the customer’s request) prepare the area for planting.
  • Tree fertilization – Fertilizing your trees is a proven way to help them reach their full potential. It replaces essential nutrients that can be depleted over time and not sufficiently replenished by Mother Nature. A tree fertilization specialist on your team will be happy to determine how to best nourish and treat your trees using macronutrients, micronutrients, antibiotics, fungicides, and/or insecticides.

Contact Jackson Tree Service for additional information on the various tree care services that we provide in the Hazelwood, MO, area. As always, quotes are free.