Tree Service Ladue MOJackson Tree Service is a family-run company serving Ladue, Missouri, and other suburbs west of St. Louis. Founded by Lawrence Jackson in 1960, we have continuously been owned by the Jackson family for more than half a century. In that time, we have established a reputation as a company that always provides quality work for a fair price. Plus, at Jackson Tree Service, we can do any job, big or small. Having skilled climbers on staff and heavy machinery, like Bobcats, gives us the ability to finish bigger jobs faster than many of our competitors, resulting in lower prices for our customers.

In Ladue, MO, Jackson Tree Service is available to perform the following:

  • Tree trimming – Having your trees trimmed periodically will help them stay healthy and looking their best. We are highly skilled in all aspects of this important tree care discipline.
  • Tree removal – Our team can normally remove even the biggest trees in just a single day. We have a proven reputation for always performing fast and safe removals.
  • Stump removal (grinding) – The stump that remains after removing a tree can take decades to decompose. For an added price, we can remove a stump 6-18” below grade and (if requested) ready the area for planting.
  • Tree fertilization – Regular fertilization replenishes nutrients that a tree can lose naturally over time. Our fertilizations restore potassium, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, chlorine, and more.

Contact Jackson Tree Service to schedule a quote for any of the above services that we offer in Ladue, MO.