Tree Trimming Ballwin MOHiring a company to perform tree trimming on a regular basis is a proven way to extend the life of your trees in Ballwin, Missouri. Jackson Tree Service is a locally owned and operated company that you can rely on to provide this important service. Founded by Lawrence Jackson in 1960 with a truck and a chainsaw, Jackson Tree Service quickly grew to become one of the area’s most trusted tree care companies. From tree trimming and removals to stump grinding and fertilizing, you can rest easy knowing that our team will do whatever is best for your trees, guaranteed.

The following is a brief description of the tree trimming services that we can provide to you in Ballwin, MO.

  • CROWN CLEANING – When performing this service, our team will remove limbs that are inhibiting the structure, appearance, and health of a tree. This includes limbs that are dead, broken, weak, or diseased.
  • CROWN RAISING – This involves the removal of lower branches to provide space for parking, lawn maintenance, and other activities.
  • CROWN THINNING – This entails the careful selection of branches to be removed for purposes of increasing sunlight penetration and airflow, as well as reducing crown weight.
  • CROWN REDUCTION – We perform this procedure on soft-wooded trees to help prevent them from becoming damaged in a storm.

Contact Jackson Tree Service to request a complimentary tree trimming quote. In Ballwin, MO, we also offer tree removal, stump removal (grinding), tree fertilization, bush and brush removal, and more.