Tree Trimming Chesterfield MOJackson Tree Service has long provided tree trimming services to residents of Chesterfield, Missouri, and other nearby communities. We have been in the tree care business since 1960 and proudly have been owned by three consecutive generations of the Jackson family. Taking advantage of our tree trimming services is a way for you to extend to life of your trees. Trimming – or pruning – involves the selective removal of branches with the goal of increasing both airflow and sunlight penetration. A properly trimmed tree is less likely to sustain damage in a storm and doesn’t interfere with wires, buildings, sightlines, or yard activities.

The tree trimming service that we provide in Chesterfield, MO, include:

  • Crown thinning – This involves the careful removal of branches with the purpose of stimulating and maintaining interior foliage.
  • Crown cleaning – Problem limbs are removed so as to improve the structure, appearance, and health of a tree.
  • Crown reduction – A procedure that we perform only on soft-wooded trees, crown reduction helps to protect a tree against storm-related damage.
  • Crown raising – This technique involves the removal of a tree’s lower branches to provide space for the house, parking cars, yard activities, etc.

Tree trimming is an important form of tree care that will keep your trees in Chesterfield, MO, healthy and looking their best. Contact Jackson Tree Service to schedule a complimentary quote. Other services that our team provides include tree and stump removal, bush and brush removal, tree fertilization, and more.