Tree Trimming Hazelwood MOBe sure to take advantage of the tree trimming services provided by Jackson Tree Service if you want to extend the life of your trees in Hazelwood, Missouri. Trimming, also called pruning, is a widely accepted form of preventive tree care. It involves the selective removal of broken and dead branches, as well as diseased limbs that threaten to undermine the health of a tree as whole. Tree trimming can also be utilized to remove even perfectly healthy limbs and branches that are inhibiting airflow or posing a nuisance to your house or other structures.

The following is a brief description of the tree trimming services that Jackson Tree Service can provide to you in Hazelwood, MO:

  • Crown cleaning – This procedure, which entails the removal of dead, broken, weak, and crossing limbs, is designed to improve the health, structure, and appearance of a tree.
  • Crown thinning – The goal of crown thinning is to stimulate and maintain a tree’s interior foliage.
  • Crown reduction – Reducing a tree’s crown can make it less susceptible to storm-related damage.
  • Crown raising – This service involves the removal of lower branches to provide clearance for parking, yard activities, etc.

To receive a complimentary quote for tree trimming anywhere in the Hazelwood, MO, area, contact Jackson Tree Service today. As we have been in business since 1960, you can rest easy knowing that our team of highly skilled tree care professionals will do what is best for your trees, guaranteed.