Tree Trimming Service Maryland Heights MOThe tree trimming service you hire to trim your trees in Maryland Heights, Missouri, should be an established business with an excellent reputation. That’s why your best bet is to turn to Jackson Tree Service, a family-run company that has cared for the area’s trees since 1960. In addition to being fully insured, we are staffed by professionals who have many years of hands-on experience. The team at Jackson Tree Service is well-versed in all of the most up-to-date industry best practices and can be fully trusted to do what is best for your trees in Maryland Heights, Mo.

Our tree trimming service can help extend the life of your trees and make them more pleasing to look at. While performing this important work, we may use one or all of the following tree trimming techniques:

  • CROWN CLEANING – This technique is designed to improve the health, structure, and appearance of a tree. We will remove any dead, broken, or crossing limbs, as well as weak or diseased limbs.
  • CROWN THINNING – The objective of this technique is to stimulate and maintain interior foliage. It involves the selective removal of branches to increase airflow and sunlight penetration.
  • CROWN RAISING – This procedure involves the removal of lower branches to provide clearance for parking, lawn care, and other activities.
  • CROWN REDUCTION – Our team can reduce the height and/or spread of a soft-wooded tree (e.g., Bradford pear) to make it less susceptible to breaking in a storm.

Contact us today if you live in Maryland Heights, MO, and require help from a reputable tree trimming service that has a decades-long presence in the community.