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The sweet gum tree (Liquidambar styraciflua) is a tall, straight tree which boasts a wide and rounded canopy when fully mature. These giants can grow to over 75 feet tall when fully established, and color landscapes with their glossy green leaves. The 5 pointed leaves turn bright and fiery red during the autumn months, making the sweet gum tree a wonderful choice for a shade tree in St. Louis, MO. Sweet gum trees are easy to maintain once mature, but do require some basic care to keep the tree healthy and vibrant.

Where to Plant a Sweet Gum Tree

Due to the sheer size of sweet gum trees, they should be planted in large landscapes, avoiding overhead obstructions, such as wires, to prevent any damage to the tree or its surroundings. The root system of a sweet gum tree contains both shallow roots, and larger roots which grow deep in the earth. For healthy growth and environmental maintenance, sweet gum trees should be planted away from sidewalks and driveways, and in areas that provide deep, moist soil.

Growing a Sweet Gum Tree

Once a sweet gum tree is established in its environment, there are a few tips to ensuring that they reach their full potential. These trees require either full or partial sunlight but should have no problem receiving as much sunshine as possible due to their immense size.

If you are growing and caring for a young sweet gum tree, they must be watered regularly during the growing season. Once matured, these trees are able to survive drought and have roots that can reach water deep in the ground.

Basic Care for a Sweet Gum Tree

These large, bright trees require little tree care once fully mature. Once every couple of years, try laying some compost around the roots and trunk of the tree to add some extra nutrients into their soil.

The canopy of a sweet gum tree is far-reaching and has the ability to grow just as wide as the tree is tall. To ensure the health of the tree and to maintain a manageable size, tree pruning should be done yearly. As these trees are so big, professional tree services in St. Louis can assist you in safely removing old branches and trimming down healthy limbs.

Sweet gum trees produce spiky, circular seed pods that can become hazardous if not properly cleaned. Children and animals are curious about these spiked balls and have some painful run-ins with the pods. These seed pods are also able to take root rather quickly, so keeping the surrounding ground raked and swept will prevent sweet gum trees from spreading and growing in excess.

Basic tree care and a large surrounding environment will provide you with a healthy and beautiful shade tree for years to come. For a wide variety of tree services in St. Louis, MO, such as tree pruning or tree removal, get in touch with the tree experts at Jackson Tree Service today.