St. Louis Tree Pests

St. Louis is home to a number of tree pests that can harm the health and longevity of your trees. Let your tree get infected with a bug like the Japanese Beetle, and the tree might never be the same. Below, our expert Hattie from Jackson Tree Service University lists the tree pests to look out for.

Video Transcript

Hi. I’m Hattie, and bugs are my favorite, but they don’t belong in my trees. The three types of bugs you have to watch out for in St. Louis are oak galls, Japanese beetles, and emerald ash borers.

1. Japanese Beetles

To know that you have Japanese beetles, you have to listen to your trees. If your trees are buzzing, you probably have them. Japanese beetles are bad because they eat your trees.

2. Emerald Ash Borers

Another bug you have to watch out for is emerald ash borers in your ash trees. If you see small holes all around your tree, they’re probably there. These bugs hurt your tree by getting inside and eating it.

3. Oak Galls

The last bug you have to watch out for is an oak gall. It looks like a round circle, but they’re actually filled with wasp eggs. Call my dad if you see an oak gall because they can kill your trees, and throw them away if you see one on the ground because they can spread to other trees.

Thanks for watching, but make sure to look out for your trees.

For help with tree pests, contact our team of arborists at Jackson Tree Service.