Family BusinessJTS UniversityFall Series, Episode 1: Broadleaf vs. Conifer

Every good University starts with a few base classes to build your learning foundation. Jackson Tree Service University is no different. Learn the basics of two very different types of trees – Broadleaf and Conifers. Listen in as our hosts Carli and Hattie breakdown what makes each type of tree unique and how you can tell them apart.



Carli: Hey guys. It’s me Carli.

Hattie:  And me Hattie, and we’re the fourth generation at Jackson Tree Service.

Carli: And today we’re going to be teaching you the difference between broadleaf trees and conifer trees.

Hattie: So come on.

Carli: Let’s go.


How to identify a Broadleaf Tree


Hattie: First off is broadleaf trees. They have smooth broad leaves like these that they lose seasonally. And they have flowers instead of cones, and some of my favorite examples are willows and oaks.


How to Identify a Conifer Tree


Carli:  Next up we have conifer trees. Conifer trees have sharp narrow needles like these. They also have cones instead of flowers. They keep their leaves all year round. Some examples for conifer trees are spruce, pine, and fir trees or as I like to call them, Christmas trees.

Hattie: We really hope you guys learned something today. Our dad is a tree expert so we have all the information that you guys need to know about trees.

Carli:  And make sure if you have any questions you put them down in the comments section below and make sure to smash that subscribe button and give us a big thumbs up. Thanks for watching. Bye.

Hattie: Bye.


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