Tree caredog waiting for tree service

For over 50 years, Jackson Tree Service has been committed to providing high-quality work and excellent customer service. We appreciate our repeat clients and every referral that we receive. At certain times of the year, we may ask you to wait for a short time before we can schedule your service. Be assured that we want your business and we will make every effort to complete your job in a time frame that works for you. There are a number of important reasons to wait for reliable tree service, and not attempt to do it yourself or hire a second-rate company.

Safety hazards: Equipment and Heights

Heavy pruning or removal of a tree may seem like something you can handle yourself. It is far more dangerous than you may think, and we strongly caution against it. Done improperly, it can result in serious injury.

Pruning a tree that is near power lines can lead to electrocution. Some trees have hidden entanglements with gas lines and underground pipes. Our trained staff is prepared for handling these circumstances.

Climbing a tree without proper equipment can result in serious injury. It’s easy to lose your balance, especially when holding heavy tools, and tree limbs may not be stable. Diseased and damaged trees can lose limbs or fall unexpectedly. If a chainsaw and ladder are involved, please wait for us to assist you.

Risks to Trees: Damage, Poor Health, and Improper Shape

Proper pruning has a positive impact on tree health. Trees that are given proper care resist disease, grow robustly into a pleasing shape, and avoid development of weakened or dead areas.

Improper pruning can damage a tree for life and can even cause its death. Over-pruning, sealing wounds improperly, aggressively trimming new trees, and using dull tools or not disinfecting them after use can cause a multitude of problems. Damaged and weakened trees become vulnerable to insects, infections, fungi, viruses, stress, moisture retention, and rot. As well, selecting the wrong branches to trim can result in lopsided and unattractive trees.

Our professionals always use proper pruning practices, which differ depending on the type of tree and the time of year.

Risk to Neighbors and Property

If you take down a limb or tree and it falls on power lines, you can cut the power to your neighborhood. If it falls on your neighbor’s property, you risk injuries to people or pets, as well as damage to their home, vehicle, or landscaping. Professionals use proper techniques and know how to predict and control which branches fall.

Inexperienced Companies: As Risky as DIY

Hiring a company that lacks proper equipment and training is just as risky as taking on the task by yourself. All of the same issues can arise: damage to tree structures and health, risks to property, and the potential for injury or death. You do not want these things happening on your property.

You should also ask to see proof of a company’s liability insurance and worker compensation documents.

Jackson Tree Service has all the right tools, equipment, and machinery needed to do the job properly. Our employees are fully insured, have received excellent safety training, wear proper protective and safety gear, and use proper techniques.

Good Service is Worth the Wait

Jackson Tree Service is in high demand for a number of good reasons. We will not only prune or remove trees using proper techniques and safety equipment, we will also enhance the beauty of your trees, promote proper growth, and avoid damage to trees and property. For your sake and the sake of your trees, it’s worth waiting for a company with great reviews and a proven record of solid work and excellent service.