Family BusinessJTS UniversityFall Series, Episode 5: Choosing the Perfect Live Christmas Tree

Let our professors at Jackson Tree Service University help you choose the best live Christmas tree to celebrate the season. They offer up three tips to take your live Christmas tree from forrest, to home, to replanted. Plus, they illustrate the pros and cons of four different types of conifer trees so you can choose what’s right for you.



Carli: Oh, my gosh, Hattie. It’s almost Christmas.

Hattie: Oh, my gosh. We have so much to do to get ready.

Carli: Hey, guys. It’s me, Carli.

Hattie: And me, Hattie.

Carli: And we’re your professors here at Jackson Tree Service University, and today we’re going to be teaching you how to pick out the perfect live Christmas tree.


Three Tips to Keeping your Live Christmas Tree Healthy


Hattie: Choosing the perfect Christmas tree is almost as hard as choosing the best Christmas pajamas, but we have some tips. Tip one, plan to only keep your tree in your house for 7 to 10 days.

Carli: Tip number two, make sure to buy your tree a week or two before Christmas and keep it in your unheated garage to prepare for the transition inside. Tip number three, make sure to check out the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Hattie: And they will teach you how to plant your tree.


Fir Tree


Carli: One great option is a fir tree because fir trees smell nice, they have dense branches to hold tons of ornaments, and they don’t shed very often. Another option would be a pine.


Pine Tree


Carli: Pine trees have really strong branches that can hold heavy ornaments. They also smell the best of any other conifer tree but don’t pick a white pine because they are weak and could only hold lights.


Spruce Tree


Hattie: The reason that so many people choose a spruce is because of its great cone shape. In fact, it’s the most popular of all fake trees, but don’t choose a white spruce because they have a pretty bad smell. And blue spruces can leave needles all over your rug.


Cedar Tree


Hattie: And one of my favorite Christmas trees is the cedar tree. I love their piney aroma. And cedar trees are really easy to take care of.

Carli: I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Make sure to tell us which live Christmas tree you chose in the comment section below, and make sure to smash that subscribe button and give us a big thumbs up.

Hattie:  Thanks for watching. Bye.


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