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Tree Vaccinators, a Jackson Tree Service company, is proud to offer plant health care services that focus on improving the vitality and longevity of your trees. We offer both preventative care and integrated treatments to defend your trees and shrubs against disease.

Our providers are certified through the Missouri Department of Agriculture and trained through the University of Missouri in St. Louis.

As our landscapes become ever more populated, plant health care becomes increasingly pertinent to the conscientious tree owner. That’s because there are increasing risks to the well being of your trees. Some factors include:

  • Insects. There are various insect pests that threaten tree health. The risk becomes even greater in areas where climate change favors pests, or where invasive species have been introduced.
  • Mulch. Though mulching is generally beneficial for your soil, improper mulching for your tree can have negative consequences.
  • Plant incompatibilites. When you have plants in close proximity that aren’t native to the same area, or have conflicting growth patterns, one or both may fail to thrive.
  • Human Impact on Environment. Proximity to construction can put undue stress on your plants, as can air pollution, soil compaction, and road salt.

As with any type of health care, prevention is the best cure. That’s why we emphasize careful monitoring and a proactive approach to caring for your trees. At the end of the day, your plants are an investment in the beauty and the value of your property. Plant health care is one way to ensure you protect that investment.

Feel free to browse our list of specific plant health services. If you’re concerned about your tree but not sure which service it requires, we encourage you to reach out and consult with one of our certified arborists.

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From fertilizing injections, growth regulators, and pest control, to preventative and corrective treatments for oak galls and emerald ash borers, our plant health care experts are here to help!