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It would hard to miss that fact that at Jackson Tree Service we are truly a family.  One look at our website gives you a visual on four generations of Jacksons working hard to maintain happy, satisfied customers.  One look at our online reviews gives you a visual of our success rate in meeting customers’ expectations when trimming, deadwooding, or removing their trees.  My husband, Mike, was taught by his grandfather and stepfather the value of hard work and the importance of treating customers the way that he wants to be treated and we spend each day making sure our kids learn the same thing by our example.


What it’s like


Though we work for ourselves and together our house is probably a whole lot like yours.  With young kids we run several different directions for sports and school and catch family dinners as often as we can.  Typical right?  Where things may differ a bit is that we are pretty much always in Jackson Tree Service mode.  We work together to help and support one another and to keep things running smoothly.  Kids are expected to work for the family business in some capacity at a young age, but that doesn’t mean they don’t give us a hard time about it sometimes.  Mike and I work closely on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean we don’t disagree about decisions that need to be made sometimes.  We visit with Cece and Pa Pa to enjoy family time, but that doesn’t mean the conversation doesn’t turn to work pretty regularly.


Why we love it


Whether it’s going to work at the shop in Maryland Heights, running estimates with dad, or answering the phone so mom can make dinner, there is always a way for everyone to be involved.  In owning our own business we’ve been able to teach our kids the value of hard work and this is invaluable skill.


Another positive of owning a family business is being able to hand pick our employees.  This means hiring people with the most experience, ability, drive and trustworthiness.  When interviewing new, potential additions to our crew we not only determine the quality of their work, but also the quality of their customer service skills.  While some of our crew members are family, even the ones that aren’t will treat every customer with the respect they deserve.  When on a job we encourage our customers to talk to the crew and let them know their expectations for the tree service.


Why it’s important to us


We run a business that our whole family is proud of and implement our family values into our work.  Being able to sleep soundly at night because we gave customers quality work at a fair price is super important to us.  Working alongside our friends and family is just a super bonus!


We figure with 50 plus years of happy customers something has been going right, so why change what’s working.