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The Importance of Tree Watering

St. Louis heat can leave your trees parched and craving water. This week, our teachers at Jackson Tree University discuss the importance of tree watering, and provide some helpful tips.

Video Transcript

Carli: Every day you feed your body by drinking water. Just like you, trees need it too.

Hattie: If you drink too little, you’ll get a headache, but if you drink too much, you’ll get a stomach ache.

Carli: Trees act the same way as your body. Hattie and I are going to tell you how to water your trees so they don’t get headaches or stomach aches.

The Goal of Watering Trees

Hattie: The goal of watering your trees is to get to the roots, so don’t water the leaves, the branches or the trunk.

Carli: In St. Louis, the summers get really hot, so you need to water your trees more.

Hattie: Start by placing the hose at least one foot away.

Carli: Turn the water on around the trunk, and make sure it reaches the roots.

Hattie: Depending on the size or age of the tree, you’ll have to water more or less.

Carli: For a bigger tree like this, you water less times but more watering.

Carli: For a smaller tree like this, you water it more times, but less water.

Both: Thanks for watching. Bye.

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