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Fertilization for Urban Trees

There is a large contrast between trees that grow freely in forests and those that are placed into a chosen landscape. In forests, trees are naturally fertilized each year. With the shedding of leaves, the falling of old or dead branches, and the decay of these plant materials as well as animal ones, natural fertilizer is created. This provides forest-dwelling trees with a rich supply of healthy nutrients all year round.


Why Fertilize Urban Trees?

Trees that grow in an urban setting are often deprived of those natural fertilizers. Key factors like being in less-dense forest areas and leaf clean-up, for example, require a more direct approach to supplement those lost nutrients. What are some of the main reasons to take fertilization seriously in an urban environment? It is cost-effective. Healthy urban trees are much more resistant to stressors like drought and insect infestation. Fertilizing urban trees helps your tree reach its full potential by replenishing all the lost nutrients from the summer months, as well as providing a boost for root growth while the tree lays dormant in the winter, setting it up for maximum health come spring.


A tree care professional is a homeowner’s best bet for finding and applying the right fertilizer for any specific tree. Along with this extensive knowledge and experience in fertilizing urban trees, Jackson Tree Service can provide other tree care practices in the St. Louis area, such as tree pruning and tree removal. Happy fertilizing!


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