Plant Growth Regulators in O’Fallon

st. louis plant growth regulators

Why should you use plant growth regulators in O’Fallon? The service can save you a lot of time and money because you would not have to trim as frequently. You’re already going to be busy mowing the lawn, pulling out weeds, and bedding flowers so make your life easier by hiring a professional to control the growth of your trees. Growth regulators also allow the plant to allocate energy that would be used for vegetative growth to be directed to other functions. This energy is utilized in other areas such as defense compounds and fine root development, resulting in a number of plant benefits. You might notice a more compact look, and enhanced plant appearance & quality.

The Benefits Of Growth Regulators In O’Fallon

Growth regulators have a lot of great uses that can help almost any landscape in O’Falon. Growth regulators don’t reduce the total energy a tree spends on growth; rather, they redistribute where that energy goes. 

When treated with growth regulators, trees spend more energy developing their root systems, including fine root hair growth. As a result, trees are better able to absorb water and nutrients, resulting in better overall health. Just because growth regulators lead to smaller leaves doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the beauty of your tree. In fact, growth regulators are also commonly used to improve a tree’s aesthetics. Specifically, growth regulators result in greener, healthier leaves.

While not specifically created for disease maintenance, plant growth regulators can occasionally reduce the severity of certain diseases.

Last but not least, safety might be the biggest benefit of all. Growth regulators can significantly make your home and work area safer. You might not need to use dangerous heavy-duty equipment and climb as high on your ladder.

Working in O’Fallon

We have been doing plant health care out here for a while now and we have had some amazing customers with a lot of different problems. We realized through helping these customers that there are probably a lot of people in O’Fallon that could use our expertise. Working here is a bit different from working in our hometown because O’Fallon is a newer suburban area with a lot of smaller trees and shrubs. We at Jackson Tree Service have the solutions to all your tree problems!

Why Tree Vaccinators By Jackson Tree Service For Plant Growth Regulators In O’Fallon?

Jackson Tree Service is a family-owned company that provides a range of both residential and commercial tree care services. And while we may not have always worked in Wentzville we have always had a home and a special love for Wentzville. Hiring professionals like Jackson Tree Service to come and treat your trees and shrubs is recommended to ensure that all measures are taken carefully and properly to improve landscape vitality while also keeping our customers happy.

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