As a local tree service company, we have a never-ending supply of wood chips. We are interested in giving full loads of wood chips out, all free of cost. These wood chips have a variety of uses, especially if you are looking to do some landscaping. The terms and conditions below will help you judge if a free load of wood chips is what you are looking for, and if so then you can fill out the contact form below.

free woodchips for a st. louis residence

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Terms and Conditions

  • I am the owner of the property/residence where the chips will be delivered to.
  • Although damage is unlikely, I understand Jackson Tree Service is not responsible for any damage to the driveway or unloading area.
  • I understand that I will receive a full load of wood chips, usually 10-15 cubic yards worth of chips.  If the quantity is more than I need I am responsible for disposing of them.
  • I understand that wood chips will be delivered when our tree crews are working in the area, and that I will be given one day’s notice before delivery.

More About Our Free Wood Chip Delivery In St. Louis

Benefits of wood chips for your tree

They regulate the temperature of the roots during extreme heat and cold

They provide moisture and prevent water from evaporating from the soil

They can prevent the growth of weeds, preventing damage to the tree from weed whacking or unhealthy weed killer sprays

They won’t clump together as much as your standard mulch, which will allow water to better flow to the root system

How it will be delivered

Our chipper truck will pull into the drive and dump the chips in your desired location

How much wood chips to expect

Expect anywhere from 10-15 cubic yards of wood chips. The picture at the top of the page is roughly 12 cubic yards.

Other uses for wood chips

Walking paths, flower beds, underneath swing sets and playgrounds