Tree Cutting Service Maryland Heights MOLooking for a tree-cutting service to prune one or more trees on your property in Maryland Heights, Missouri? If so, just turn to Jackson Tree Service, a locally owned and operated business that is staffed by highly knowledgeable tree care professionals who possess many years (if not decades) of hands-on experience. Founded in 1960 by Lawrence Jackson, our company is currently run by the third consecutive generation of the Jackson family. With us, you can be confident that you are hiring a tree cutting service that will do what is best for your trees in Maryland Heights, MO.

Regular trimming can prolong the life of a tree and make it more aesthetically pleasing. The following is a list of the tree trimming techniques that we use:

  • Crown cleaning – the removal of limbs that are dead, broken, weak, or diseased for the purpose of improving a tree’s structure, health, and appearance
  • Crown thinning – the selective removal of branches to promote sunlight penetration and airflow
  • Crown reduction – a procedure that we perform on soft-wooded trees to make them less likely to break in a storm
  • Crown raising – the practice of removing lower branches to provide space for parking, yard activities, etc.

Jackson Tree Service is available to perform a tree trimming job of any size or scope. We are fully insured and will be happy to provide proof of insurance upon request. Our reputation is that of a company that always delivers a quality job.

Contact us today if you require a tree cutting service in or near Maryland Heights, MO.