Tree Trimming Bridgeton MO

To extend the life of your trees in Bridgeton, Missouri, be sure to take advantage of the tree trimming services provided by Jackson Tree Service. We are a family-run business that has provided safe, quality tree care for area residents since 1960. With choosing Jackson Tree Service, you will receive professional assistance from highly experienced arborists who are skilled in various tree trimming techniques. Not only can we help your trees live longer, but we also can improve their appearance and stop them from interfering with nearby objects, such as the roof of your house and overhead power lines.

Tree trimming is a service that you should periodically have performed as healthier, prettier trees can add value to your property and be far less likely to cause damage to your home. At Jackson Tree Service, the pruning services we provide in Bridgeton, MO, are as follows:

  • Crown cleaning – The purpose of this service is to improve a tree’s structure, appearance, and health, and involves selectively removing any limbs that are dead, broken, weak, or diseased.
  • Crown thinning – Thinning a tree’s crown results in improved airflow and sunlight penetration, stimulating the growth of interior foliage.
  • Crown reduction – We perform this tree trimming technique whenever a soft-wooded tree (like a Bradford pear) has excessive height and/or spread. Pruning back the tips of its limbs can help to prevent any storm-related damage to your house.
  • Crown raising – This involves the removal of lower branches to provide more space for parking, yard activities, and more.

Few other companies serving Bridgeton, MO, provide tree trimming services in a manner as professional and affordable as we do. It is no wonder why we have been the go-to tree care company among local homeowners for more than 50 years.

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