Tree Trimming Clayton MOPeriodic tree trimming is an effective way to extend the life of your trees in Clayton, Missouri. For expertise, turn to Jackson Tree Service, a locally owned and operated company that you can rely on to perform this important work in a safe and efficient manner consistent with industry best practices. In short, you can always trust Jackson Tree Service to do what is best for your trees. We have many highly experienced tree trimming professionals on staff and are always vigilant about thoroughly cleaning up after ourselves at the completion of each project. Jackson Tree Service, which has been overseen by three consecutive generations of the Jackson family, has a well-deserved reputation for always providing quality work for a fair price.

The tree trimming services that we can provide to you in Clayton, MO, are as follows:

  • CROWN CLEANING – This technique is designed to improve the overall structure, appearance, and health of a tree. It involves the removal of dead, broken, and crossing limbs, as well as weak and diseased limbs.
  • CROWN THINNING – The objective of this technique is to stimulate the growth of interior foliage by improving both airflow and sunlight penetration
  • CROWN REDUCTION – We perform this procedure to reduce the height and/or spread of a soft-wooded tree (e.g., Bradford pear) to minimize the risk that it will sustain damage in a storm.
  • CROWN RAISING – This tree trimming practice entails the removal of a tree’s lower branches to provide space for parking, lawn maintenance, and other activities.

Jackson Tree Service is one of the longest-tenured companies of its kind in the Clayton, MO, area. We are appropriately insured and will be happy to provide proof of insurance upon request. Contact us today for a complimentary tree trimming estimate. Our other services include tree removal, stump removal, tree fertilization, and bush and brush removal.