Tree Trimming St. Ann MOTree trimming – also called pruning – can help prolong the life of your trees in St. Ann, Missouri. Periodic trimming is a form of preventive tree care that can stave off problems caused by insufficient sunlight penetration, poor airflow, and damage from storms and high winds. At Jackson Tree Service, the tree trimming services that we provide to residents of St. Ann, MO, always conform to industry best practices. We are a family-run business that you can rely on to do what is best for your trees. Our trimming services include:

  • Crown cleaning – This tree trimming technique is designed to improve the health, structure, and appearance of a tree. Dead, broken, weak, and diseased limbs are all removed, as well as sucker sprouts.
  • Crown thinning – Thinning a tree’s crown involves the selective removal of branches to achieve more sunlight penetration and increased airflow. Both help to stimulate and maintain interior foliage.
  • Crown reduction – We perform this tree trimming service only on soft-wooded trees, which are more susceptible to breaking in a storm. The procedure reduces the spread and/or height of a tree.
  • Crown raising – If the crown of a tree is too low to the ground, we can raise it to provide more clearance for parking, yard activities, etc.

Contact Jackson Tree Service if you would like to receive a free tree trimming quote. We have proudly provided quality tree care services in west-central suburbs like St. Ann, MO, since 1960. Our other services include tree removal, stump grinding, tree fertilization, and bush and brush removal.