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When You Need an Arborist or Tree Service …

With summer comes some nasty storms that cause unwanted tree and property damage—and finding a good arborist to care for your broken or fallen trees can be tricky! Everywhere we look there is someone taking advantage of people in vulnerable positions. That’s why, as Jackson Tree Service knows, integrity, reputability, and references are vital to finding a good arborist to care for your trees and outdoor spaces.


Things that good arborists never do:

  • Soliciting work door-to-door
  • Demanding payment in advance
  • Advertise tree-topping pruning practices
  • Selling jobs without producing a written estimate or work order
  • Avoiding or refusing to provide proof of insurance

Hiring a good arborist is critical because without the proper knowledge and certifications, enormous damage can be caused to your home, property, trees, and the person performing the work. Avoid arborists and companies that advise or practice tree topping, a dangerous practice and ineffective solution. Also note that the credentials of an arborist can vary widely. The best tree services have arborists on their team with certifiable titles. It is recommended to confirm their arborist title with the associated organization.


How to Find a Good Arborist

You may have started looking on the internet and found this page, which is a good sign. You’re doing your research! Having as much information as you can before choosing an arborist is critical. Luckily it doesn’t have to be hard to find a good arborist, you just need to know what to look out for. Now that you know what to avoid, here are a few other things to look for to determine the quality of an arborist or tree care professional: 

  • Liability insurance
  • Recent and positive reviews
  • Several years in business
  • License with the Department of Agriculture, professional affiliations, TCIA Accreditation, and other certifications

Comparing prices, reputations, and reviews is also very important!

When you meet with the arborist:

  • Ask to see current certificates of liability and workers’ compensation insurance, if applicable. 
  • Ask for local references, and check on the quality of their work and level of service. 
  • Verify professional affiliations the company might have. 
  • Don’t be lured by a bargain and don’t pay in advance. 
  • Insist on a signed contract as to cost, dates when work is to be performed, and exactly what is to be done. 
  • Insist that climbing spikes are used only if the tree is to be cut down; they can damage the tree. 
  • Get a second opinion if it will add to your comfort level. Make sure that a complete diagnosis of the potential for tree failure is performed before the tree is removed.


Jackson Tree Service: A Great Arborist in St. Louis

Plant Health Care is another area of tree care that should be researched before hiring. Jackson Tree Service is an industry leader in Plant Health Care. We specialize in growth regulators, fungicides, deep root fertilizer, and pest and disease control. Our providers are certified through the Missouri Department of Agriculture and trained through the University of Missouri in St. Louis, meaning they are qualified and knowledgeable to diagnose and treat your plants. 


If you are looking for an arborist to help you with tree care or plant health care, contact Jackson Tree Service to find the best approach for your tree. Call or fill out our inquiry form for an estimate.