st louis tree summer checklist

A Summer Checklist for Trees

As most people know, trees are vital to our survival. They provide oxygen by taking in harmful gases and releasing them as oxygen. Trees create a wonderful environment, but let us not forget that they are also beautifully scenic and provide shade on the warmest days of the year. Because trees do so much for…

diy tree cutting

Why you shouldn’t cut down your own trees

There are many reasons why individuals consider cutting down trees. These reasons often involve clearing the way for land or road construction, clearing obstructed views from homes, removing a particular species from the property, and more. However, regardless of the motive, it is imperative that individuals avoid cutting down trees on their own. Non-professionals are…

tree health

How To Apply Mulch For Tree Health

While a tree needs mulch to survive, given the protection and nutrients it provides, too much of it can be a hazard to its health. Knowing how to apply mulch properly helps a tree grow naturally, keeps out weeds, prevents soil compaction, and helps it weather extreme conditions as best as possible. Here’s how to…

spring trees in st louis

What Happens to Trees in the Spring

After slumbering through snowstorms, rain showers and all other elements Mother Nature brought during wintertime; trees wake up once springtime kicks into full gear. It’s not an instant awakening. It’s more like when you try getting up for work and try to convince yourself to stay in bed five more minutes before eventually getting up.…