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Every business owner yearns for ambiance with his or her commercial property to create an atmosphere that potential customers or clients can feel comfortable in. That ambiance includes a nice tree or two outside to further spruce up your setting. Appearance is everything, and if your tree doesn’t look up to standard, it can ruin your property’s image and portray a somewhat unprofessional look. Here are some common tree mistakes you need to avoid, so your property consistently maintains its curb appeal.  

Watering Too Much or Too Little

Usually, an irrigation system is used at a commercial property to keep plants and trees watered. However, that system is not regulated based on weather conditions, so it doesn’t adjust to daily weather fluctuations. This means trees receive less or more water than they should, exposing you trees to possible diseases while decreasing photosynthesis, stunting growth along the way. Depending on tree type, you need to ensure your trees are getting watered properly, so they don’t wither as soon as the weather gets stressful.

Improper Use of Mulch

While mulch contains moisture and trees need moisture to stay healthy, using too much of it can compromise its health. Moisture inside mulch seeps into tree bark. An excess amount of it can destroy your tree’s trunk as mold can fester and insects have free reign to damage your tree. While mulch helps your tree look better to the unassuming eye, it can disrupt tree growth significantly if applied hastily or excessively. Less is more.

Equipment Damage

While your landscape is being maintained, trees can suffer because of the heavy machinery being used near or on it. String trimmers, more popularly known as weed whackers, and lawnmowers are often used throughout warmer months to keep commercial landscapes looking as fit as possible. Often, they cut away at tree bark while trying to rid of weeds or grass, damaging bark in the process, which could prove fatal for tree growth. Barks allow trees to soak up necessary nutrients and water, so any damage to it will deny trees of those essentials. Apply mulch or fences around your trees to prevent this damage.

Bad Pruning

Tree pruning is a necessity when trying to maintain trees. Bad pruning can weaken trees as it prevents them from getting sun coverage which its foliage benefits from, aiding growth. Make sure to trim a maximum of 25% of its growth. Excessive pruning can cause deep wounds that the tree cannot recover from. If a tree loses too many live branches, it will wither quicker than expected. Be careful of which limbs or branches you prune as that can do more harm than good.

Deep Planting

Planting your tree too deep can cause major issues once it matures. It often causes girdling, where roots grow upward, and nutrients are cut off. Instead of burying your tree deep into the soil, plant its root flare at the soil surface, allowing the root system to develop naturally.

Looks can be deceiving. Just because a tree on your commercial property looks nice, doesn’t mean it is in good standing. With Jackson Tree Service, you can be assured trees will not just look good, but feel good too. If you’re looking for a top-notch tree service in St. Louis, look no further. Contact us today!