Family BusinessJTS UniversityFall Series, Episode 2: Why Leaves Change Color in the Fall

It happens every year and the beauty always amazes us. But do you know why the leaves change colors throughout a St. Louis, Missouri Fall? The professors at Jackson Tree Service University thought you might ask. Enjoy the video!



Carli: Hey guys, it’s me, Carli.

Hattie: And me Hattie.

Carli & Hattie: And we’re your professors here at Jackson Tree Service University.

Carli: So let’s get to class.

Hattie: In case you can’t tell by our Facebook page our family loves to spend time outside especially when it’s fall and it’s pretty again. Does it ever make you wonder why the leaves change colors? Well come on, we’re going to teach you.


It’s about Chlorophyll


Carli: Leaves stay green throughout most of the year because they have a pigment called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is bright green and helps them produce energy from sunlight using photosynthesis.

Hattie: But that’s not all there is in leaves. There’s also a pigment that is red, orange, yellow, AND purple!

Carli: Now all these pigments have jobs but only chlorophyll can produce the sugar a tree needs to survive.

Hattie: And since chlorophyll is so important and there’s so much of it, it doesn’t let any of the other colors show.

Carli: As the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler the sun hits the trees less and less which means …

Hattie: Oh, now I get it. The tree makes less chlorophyll, and with less chlorophyll, all those red, oranges, yellows, and purples can shine through.

Carli: So enjoy those leaves while it lasts because it won’t be long before those trees lose their leaves.

Carli: So make sure to smash that subscribe button, use the big thumbs up, and put all your comments below. Thanks for watching. Bye.

Hattie:  Bye.


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