Stump Removal in Bridgeton, MO

Once a tree is taken down, a lingering reminder remains in the form of a stump, with its roots firmly anchored in the ground. These stumps can persist for many years, gradually decomposing and deteriorating. In Bridgeton, Missouri, our family-run company, Jackson Tree Service, specializes in stump removal services, guaranteeing the complete elimination of tree stumps. Furthermore, we level the area to match the contour of the surrounding yard, creating a seamless space that is ready for immediate replanting.

Stump removal vs. stump grinding

Taking care of your yard in Bridgeton, Missouri, is important to you, and we understand that. Tackling stump removal might not be the most exciting task on your list. It’s not just about getting rid of the stump but also dealing with all those stubborn roots tangled beneath the surface. You probably don’t want to mess around with a Bobcat or heavy machinery on your own. Moreover, those tree roots have likely spread far and wide, so removing them means disturbing a lot of soil. Typically, people only opt for complete stump removal if they’re working on a major construction project, where appearance is not the top priority.

Here at Jackson Tree Service, we have a better solution for you—stump grinding. It’s a much more manageable option for homeowners like yourself. With our specialized stump grinder, we’ll grind that stubborn stump down until it’s completely gone. A stump is basically what’s left of the tree trunk, extending deep into the ground. By grinding it, we’ll leave a smaller hole in your yard. It’s a simpler and less messy process compared to complete stump removal. So, let us take care of the grinding, and your yard will be free of stumps, ready for whatever you have in mind.

Stump removal pricing and procedure

When it comes to stump removal pricing at Jackson Tree Service, we base it on the width of the tree at ground level. The cost also depends on whether you want us to haul away the stump debris or leave it on-site.

Herbicide stump treatment

In Bridgeton, Missouri, there are instances where stumps can persist and become a nuisance in your yard. When faced with such situations, we often recommend herbicidal treatment to prevent further growth. This solution is particularly beneficial when the stump is located in hard-to-reach areas, such as near decks, fences, or other structures. If you’re interested in learning more about our herbicidal stump treatment, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill out the form on the right.

Herbicidal stump treatment vs. stump removal

Maintaining a beautiful yard is a priority for many homeowners in Bridgeton, but dealing with stubborn tree stumps can be a challenging task. Fortunately, there are two effective methods to tackle this issue: regular stump removal and herbicidal stump treatment.

Regular Stump Removal: Swift and Complete Removal

When it comes to removing stumps, regular stump removal is often the go-to solution. This process involves completely eliminating the stump and extracting all visible roots from the ground. Our team at Jackson Tree Service recommends regular stump removal when the stump is in a favorable location. Not only does this method get rid of the stump quickly, but it also ensures a clean and tidy appearance for your yard. Say farewell to the eyesore and enjoy a smooth, stump-free landscape.

Herbicidal Stump Treatment: Halt the Growth

In some cases, stumps may be located in areas where traditional stump removal methods are impractical. This is where herbicidal stump treatment comes into play. It is a chemical process that stops the growth of the stump, preventing it from getting any larger. While the stump itself remains in place, the treatment curtails any further expansion. Our team usually recommends herbicidal treatment when customers specifically request it or when the stump is situated in a spot that our regular stump grinder cannot access, such as near decks or fences. Keep in mind that while herbicidal treatment halts growth, it does not remove the stump entirely.

At Jackson Tree Service, we understand the unique needs of homeowners in Bridgeton, Missouri. The tree life in this area can present specific challenges, and our experienced team is well-equipped to handle them. We offer our stump removal and herbicidal treatment services to the residents of Bridgeton and some surrounding areas. Whether you need complete stump removal or want to halt the growth of a stubborn stump, we have the expertise to provide effective solutions tailored to your yard’s requirements.

What to expect from us

You can expect a quality tree service company genuinely interested in minimizing your tree’s liability, as well as a company with plenty of experience, here at Jackson Tree both of our ISA certified arborists have had over 20 years of experience on and off the job, making us a trusted and reliable tree service in our community. When you call Jackson Tree Service you can expect our friendly, trained office manager, Kelly, to greet you and take down all the details of your tree service needs. Whether you have something specific or just want some recommendations Kelly will send out our professionally trained TCIA certified arborist.  A certified arborist will come out and have a look around your property making sure to let you know if he/she spots any hazards or major risks, then he/she will write up the proposal and tree recommendations to email or mail for your review.

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